Massimo 20″ Fat Tire E-14 Urban Runner Electric Bike for Adults 48V 750W LED Headlight Taillight Full Suspension Range 43 MI 5 Speed Electric Motor 7 Speed Manual Shimano Gears

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Product Description

Urban Runner Electric Bike for Adults Urban Runner Electric Bike for Adults

A Beautiful Stylish E-Bike that meets all rider’s taste, Made With latest Technology with Full Control over settings, Powerful Motor with 9 speeds

A Beautiful Stylish Bike that meets all rider's taste A Beautiful Stylish Bike that meets all rider's taste

RUN FAST, 9 speed electric settings, 3 Voltage Grade 24V 36V or 48V hand throttle and the ability to change motor speed from 1 gear to 9 gears

An ideal electric bike built for city streets, town pathways, mountain paths or other open roads. Either it is for commuting, exercising or field exploring will be the perfect choice for you.

Aluminum frame With 9 speed electric motor & 7 speed Shimano Gear, 3 Voltage Grade and hand throttle and the ability to change speeds from 1 gear to 9.

adjustable front suspensions light weight aluminum frame comparing to other e bikes7 gears shimano 9 speed electric motor 800 WATT Detailed instructions

Fat Tire Fat Tire

Massimo E14 Urban Runner

If you’re looking for a way to explore the world around you, it’s time to get on the Urban Runner Electric Bike! it will Suprise you how powerful and trendy style an electric bike can be!

E-bike for adults E-bike for adults

45.5mi battery range with top speed of 25 MI

You’ll be taking your adventure or daily commutes to the next level with this powerful electric bike. Biking has never been this easy and pleasurable. The battery comes with a 6 hour charging time and will last for about 35-45miles. With its comfortable seat, speed up to 25+ MPH it’s a perfect option for daily commuters or daily bike exercise, fully control over sittings and comfortable seats, LED Headlight in front and back and adjustable suspensions, The Massimo Urban runner have a lot to offer and will be the best partner in any trip you going to make.

Bikes Bikes

The best Innovation Technology in the Market

The perfect bike for the urban commuter.

With a range of up to 43 miles, you can go from work to home without worrying about running out of battery.

The electric motor is powerful enough to take you up hills with ease, and the Shimano gears make it easy to tackle any terrain.

Comes with a taillight and brake light for safety, and a 12V battery that can be charged at home or on the go. The bike is easy to assemble and can be done by one person.

With a sleek design that’s ready for the streets, this bike is made for your daily commute.

Head Light Electric Bike Head Light Electric Bike

Front LED Headlight

High-quality, high-performance LED lights for your safety.Up to 60% more brightness than standard headlights.

Electric Bike Control Electric Bike Control

LCD Display

Turn on or off.Gear Selector.Miles Reader.Turn Lights on or off.Battery indicator.

Electric Bike Gear Electric Bike Gear

The Perfect Handle for your daily trips

Mechanical Gear Shifter .Grear Shift Button .Easy and high-quality Throttle.

Bikes Bikes

Head Light Electric Bike Head Light Electric Bike

Electric Bike Control Electric Bike Control

Electric Bike Gear Electric Bike Gear

The following are the programs/parameters and what they stand for:

P01 Screen Brightness : 1 = bright, 2 = brighter, 3 = brightest P02 Unit of Distance : 0 = KM / 1 = MILE P03 Voltage grades : 24v, 36v, or 48v (The higher the voltage, the faster the bike will go and the faster the battery will drain. Choose a lower voltage for a longer lasting battery.) P04 Sleep timer : Choose 1 – 60 minutes until the screen goes off when not being used for an energy saving mode. To turn off the sleep timer, put on 0 and the display will never go off. P05 (Pedal Assist) PAS grades : Allow an ebike to deliver power automatically whenever you pedal without the need for throttle modulation. 3 grade modes – 3 = 2V, 5 = 3V, 9 = 4V. Press ( + ) Options 0 and 1 indicate how much electric assist each grade will provide from the battery while pedaling and will affect the pedaling speed accordingly. Press ( – ) P06 Wheel size : Wheel size unit shown in inches. Must be set correctly. (Set to 22.0 for the Massimo E14 Urban Runner) P07 Speed measuring magnet : Range is 1-100 This is 47 for direct drive (1200w and above) motors and 01 for geared (500w – 750W) motors P08 Speed limit setting : range 0-100 km/h, 100 means no speed limit. The speed limit for power and turning is equal. Note: The value here is based on kilometers but when the unit setting is converted from kilometers to miles, the speed value of the display interface automatically converts to the correct mile value. P09 Zero start & Non-zero Start : 0 is Zero Start, 1 is Non-zero Start Zero start (0) will engage the motor instantly while Non-zero start (1) will give some delay when you throttle. P10 Driving mode : 0 is driven by PAS. The throttle is useless at this time. Use this option if you do not want to use the throttle. 1 is driven by Throttle. PAS is useless at this time. If you do not need PAS, then use this option. 2 is driven by PAS & Throttle. The throttle is useless at Zero Start status when both throttle and PAS are active. P11 PAS start strength : Range: 0-5. Lower value provides a little assist when you start pedaling. P12 PAS start strength : Range: 0-5. Lower value provides a little assist when you start pedaling. P13 PAS magnet type : 5, 8, or 12 dots on the magnetic ring. 8 is the default but set it as 12 in case you have 12 magnet rotor. P14 Current-limiting of Controller : Default is 12. Range is 1-20A. Please check the current your controller and the hub motor can handle. Set the limit accordingly. P15 Controller undervoltage : Range 1 – 100 The under-voltage circuit is to protect the battery from discharging when the voltage is lower than the controller set value, at this time the PWM circuit stops the output. The over-current protection circuit limits the working of the controller, battery, motor at an over higher current. P17 Unit Gear : Set to 1 if unit has gear. Set to 0 if no gear. 0 = gear shut off and no power output

Assembly & Manual

Assembly and Manual Assembly and Manual

Removable Battery: The urban runner E14 is a multifunctional and powerful electric bike which has a removable battery and can suit your needs in everyday life. The urban runner E14 has been designed to meet the expectations of all types of users and it’s perfect for commuting.
Lightweight Aluminum Frame Net Weight: 77.16 lbs: The urban runner E14 is the ultimate comfort ebike specifically designed for big city commuters and aspiring adventurers. It’s a lightweight, aluminum-frame ebike with a clean design, powerful brakes.
Battery Range: a range of up to 37-43.5 miles per charge. Weighing in at only 38lbs., this ebikes for adults will be the perfect companion for your daily commute.
Maximum Speed: 25 mph fast and powerful motor electric bicycle for adults: The urban runner E14 brings high-end features to the world of e-scooters. With its ergonomic design, sleek body, and powerful motor, it’s the ultimate way to get around town.
Taillight:12V Brake Light and LED Headlight: Commuting to work on ebike at night can be tough. However, with urban runner E14, you’ll never have to worry about not being seen or worse. This taillight has a tail brake light, an LED headlight and is powered by a rechargeable battery,


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