Our objective is to make work more fun.

We want to make work more fun. That means we help you find the appropriate supplies and correct tools to get your work done and feel good doing it. Along with that, we provide resources, how-to’s, expert advice, and even a little humour to help you excel in the job.

How We Review

Our procedure for reviews is like a science. We start with research and we finish with testing, years of expertise, consumer feedback, and, of course, more research. Our editorial staff has years of expertise researching office items – and as people who work all day themselves, we’d never suggest a product without letting you know both the advantages and the downsides.

At a high level, we leverage our experience and user feedback to narrow down a list of products worth evaluating ourselves. We then take all that research and give you an unbiased review that includes both our viewpoint on the product and all the information you need to find the ideal one for you.

How We Test

We test things ourselves to ensure transparency and honesty. We use an unbiased approach, anchored on our goal for you (the reader) to acquire only high quality reviews of products worth considering.